Graphic creativity

Graphic Design is the soul of packaging

WTG creates graphic design proposals according to the brand image, target audience and market positioning of the products from vintage to trendy style, via photography, 3D rendering, and illustration design. Our designers would define your needs and interact with you closely throughout the design process.

Five elements of packaging design

Integrated evaluation of five elements:

WTG adopts advanced system for packaging design, materializing and visualizing customer’s concept via 3D drawing and 3D printing to expedite the entire development period. We handle each design project with individuality, passion and with a creative commitment to bring best possible bespoke design concept and solution to meet each individual project’s unique.


Finding fresh approaches is our specialty. At the outset, our design engineers uncover everything that’s important to you in the project; budget, look and feel, materials requirements, audience influences – and use those as filters for exploring a variety of approaches.
From old-fashioned sketching right to 3D rendering, we explore every aspect of your solution during design. We look at costing as early as possible to ensure that what we present fits within your budget. Our designers work in Artio CAD and Rhino, we can start packaging design even before you have a product prototype. We work right from your 3D files, or create accurate 3D representations of your ideas, which means you get 3D perspective of the concepts we develop right from the start.

Unique and Adaptable , that’s us A design firm that understands the demands and drivers of manufacturing. A manufacturing company that values and supports the aesthetics of great design. With WTG, you get the best of both worlds. We understand what an important role packaging can play in the product experience. We combine leading-edge industrial design with on- and off-shore manufacturing capabilities to deliver impactful packages that make products stand out on the shelf and in the minds of consumers.